Our New Normal
After the Pandemic.

First 5 Stanislaus
2023 Digital Annual Report

A Letter From Leadership

Our New Normal, After the Pandemic

Ever since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, our lives changed in major and minor ways. Some of the changes were short lived and others continue to be part of our lives today. Since then, our state of work life, home life, and play life have a new normal. As we come out of the pandemic, adapting to the new normal has required shifts in how First 5 Stanislaus and its partners move forward in supporting the community.

In the 2022-2023 Annual Report to the Community, you will find the accomplishments of our First 5 team in collaboration with our amazing community partners. Over the past year, we found new ways to provide support. We provided basic needs to our community with items such as COVID-19 test kits, diapers, and wipes. We increased our focus on literacy by distributing more books to children through our various partners. We added a social media presence to support parents with tools and resources they can access from home. The First 5 staff participated in various community outreach events to increase visibility and bring awareness. Finally, we redesigned our work to ensure we meet the diverse needs of our community.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to work in partnership with providers to build the early childhood system and steward precious public resources on behalf of the county’s youngest children. Our annual report captures just the tip of the iceberg of the tremendous work we have done over the past year, in collaboration with our partners, and we hope that the stories bring to life our passion for the serving our county.

Dr. Shammy Karim
Executive Director
Mary Ann Lily-
Tengowski, M.B.A

Commission Chair

"The Oakdale Family Resource Center, one of many similar programs funded by First 5 Stanislaus throughout the County, is bringing connection, confidence, and support to the individuals they serve each and every day."


Meet Rosa, Oakdale Family Resource Center Program Specialist

It's beautiful and very satisfying to see the impact we have on the families we serve with our different programs. It's amazing to see them grow as a parent and as a person to empower their children and families through our programs. It’s amazing to see all the smiling faces and confidence they have in themselves when it comes to educate and treat their children.

Meet Valentia, PlanetBaby! Participant

PlanetBaby! has taught me a lot of self-confidence, especially when it comes to raising my children. I’ve learned about how to keep my children safe with the different classes we’ve attended.

I know how to create a safe environment for my children. Now my children are getting older, I’ve found creative ways to show them how to find resolutions to problems. The program has helped me show my children that you are never too old to ask for help.

When I first started in the program, I had just moved to the city of Riverbank from Los Angeles, and I felt really lonely and scared because I had all my family far away. I gained a lot of courage seeing all the moms tackle having more than one child and it motivated me to push forward because there were other moms that felt the same way I did.

I want people to know that sharing ideas with other people, especially other moms, can help them gain some knowledge on how to raise their own children. It can be scary to not know how to feed our children, teach our children, and how to keep them safe, but that’s why I would encourage them to participate in programs at the Oakdale Family Resource Center.


Our Collective Impact

We are providing opportunity and positive change to families through Stanislaus County.


Children, parents, and providers reached through First 5 Stanislaus and its partners.

Results Areas

Families are receiving support.

The caregivers of 5,845 children received family support services through Family Resource Centers or other programs.

Parents are gaining knowledge and improving parenting skills.

The caregivers of 968 children increased their skills and knowledge after attending parenting classes.

Parents are gaining knowledge and improving advocacy skills.

100% (166/166) of parents and caregivers participating in advocacy training reported increased knowledge and skills.

Parents are reading with their children.

72% of families of children 0-5 (1,127/1,568) increased the time spent reading with their children at home after receiving literacy services.

Children are continuing their skill development.

1,568 children 0-5 who received literacy services were given a book to take home and build upon the skills they and their families learned.

Children are being screened and identified for developmental delays.

576 children 0-5 were screened for educational developmental issues.

Strengthening families with knowledge.

Families of 6,712 children have increased knowledge and use of community resources.

Leveraging Prop 10 funds.

Prop 10 funded programs brought in almost $4.9 million from other funding sources during fiscal year ’22-’23, increasing the level of services for children 0-5 and their families. Of that $4.9 million, over $950,000 came from funding sources outside of Stanislaus County.

Participants Served

Ethnicity of Participants Served in First 5 Programs*

Hispanic (58%)
White (17%)
Asian (8%)
Multiracial (2%)
African American (3%)
Other (2%)
Unknown (10%)

Committed to
Diversity and Equity

73% of participants served through First 5 Stanislaus are from Hispanic, Asian, African American, or multi-racial population groups.

Supplies Distribution

Basic needs continue to be difficult for families to afford. In an effort to support areas of need for families with children 0-5, First 5 Stanislaus distributed supplies to Family Resource Centers and community partners for them to make available to their participants. In Fiscal Year 2022-2023, supplies included:

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COVID Test Kits

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diapers icon



Program Highlights

Screenshot of an instagram post of a family holding hands

Increased Social Media Presence

The way parents and caregivers get their information is ever evolving. Now more than ever, social media is where parents go for tips, tricks, and advice for all the ups and downs related to child rearing. To make sure residents of Stanislaus County know where to go locally when they need assistance, First 5 Stanislaus has significantly increased its social media presence to promote its website along with the programs, events, and activities offered by its partners.

Partnership for Literacy

Waiting is never fun. To help keep parents and children engaged with each other while they wait for services, First 5 Stanislaus partnered with the Community Services Agency (CSA) to make over 3,100 books available in CSA office lobbies. These books allow parents to read to their children, preventing them from getting bored while also building a foundation for literacy skills. Parents are welcome to take the books home after their visit to continue reading with their child.

Top down image of a lot of books
Cutout of family standing in front of a gavel

Advocating for Stanislaus Children and Families

Each year, First 5 Stanislaus along with other First 5 county commissions, the First 5 Association and First 5 California, meet with State representatives to share the impacts First 5 has on the children, families and service providers who receive their services. It’s vitally important law makers understand the individual and collective work First 5s have on California’s youngest residents as First 5 funding continues to decline. This year, Dr. Karim met with Stanislaus County’s representatives, including Assemblyman Juan Alanis who committed to visit First 5 funded programs to learn more about how they support the community.

Out in the Community

To increase their visibility in the community, First 5 Stanislaus staff attended outreach events, with the goal to bring awareness to programs and services First 5 Stanislaus offers and supports. One such event was A Day with a Detectives hosted by the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. Staff provided community members with First 5 book bags, crayons, and fidgets as well as highlighting the programs funded throughout the community at local partner sites. Another event was the Kids Connect Celebration hosted by Child Support Services Department. At this event over 968 backpacks and over 3,000 school supplies were distributed to children in the community.

First 5 staff at outreach event
Child holding up letters and flashcards

Continuing to Make an IMPACT

First 5 Stanislaus continued their collaboration with Yosemite Community College District (YCCD) to provide the IMPACT 2020 (Improve and Maximize Programs so All Children Thrive) program in Stanislaus. In 2022-2023, 59 Family Friends and Neighbors participants, 8 childcare home providers, 13 private preschool providers, and 23 alternative setting staff received training and support to increase their ability to serve the children they care for on a daily basis. In addition, IMPACT supported Family Resource Centers with parent engagement activities that promoted literacy and music and movement. These services ultimately increase the quality of early learning available to children and families in Stanislaus County.

Bilingual Learning for Providers

Learning in your non-native language can be difficult, even for adults. It can be especially challenging if the material is technical, or it is only covered once. With these challenges in mind, First 5 made an effort to make the Early Care and Education Conferences, they host multiple times a year with the Stanislaus County Office of Education, either partially or fully bilingual in English and Spanish, the predominately spoken languages in Stanislaus County.

Adults in groups taking notes at an event

Key Statistics & Outcomes

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(1,546/2,460) of caregivers and children 0-5 reported expanded social connections after attending community events.
(297/368) of pregnant and parenting women reported less stress as a result of attending support group sessions.
(288/368) of pregnant and parenting women reported improved protective factors in their lives as a result of attending support group sessions.
(795/849) of caregivers reported increased confidence in parenting ability after attending parenting education and support groups.
(32/46) of children received an early intervention or support after taking a developmental screening and being identified in need of additional services.
(259/446) of children participating in literary services who didn’t have a library card obtained one after receiving services.
children and their families participated in literacy services.
books were distributed to children to nurture a desire to read and to support literacy skills at home.
parents and caregivers of children 0-5 provided with education and support.

Meet Mayra, Abriendo Puertas and Parent Café Participant

I am honestly so grateful for all the help I have received over the years. With each and every program I have received help. The staff is always so kind and attentive to participants needs.

I wished the community knew of all the programs and groups the Oakdale Family Resource Center (FRC) offers to empower and support families. I have recommended the FRC to families and friends because sometimes people don’t know about all the programs that are available in the community and staff are always here to welcome them with open arms.

My advice to other people is to not be ashamed to ask for help if they need it and to attend programs the FRC offers because they are all very helpful and informative. Everyone in the office makes participants feel like family – all the staff are the best. People won’t regret it if they attend any groups or utilize any of their services.

Meet Carol, School Readiness Participant

I have learned so many things as a person and as a mother. I have developed in many aspects, one of them is knowing how to help my children. The school readiness program has helped me feel more confident as a mother and to advocate for them in any circumstance.

I am very happy to belong to this group because I have learned so many things as a mother and as a person. I also like to meet more people and interact with the staff who work at the Oakdale Family Resource Center. They are very friendly and are always there to help us.

I am very grateful for everything. I have grown and learned from the other people who attend the program as well as from the people who manage it.


2022-2023 Financials

Total Budget: $4,584,280

Improved Family Functioning (Family Support, Education, and Services) $2,125,180 (46%)
Improved Child Development (Child Development Services) $23,500 (1%)
Improved Systems of Care $27,500 (1%)
Administration $664,705 (14%)
Evaluation $42,178 (1%)
Other Programs (Includes Contingency Fund) $1,701,217 (37%)


2022 2023
Program revenues $5,318,763 $4,623,662
General revenues -$490,267 $184,483
Total revenues $4,828,496 $4,808,145
Total Expenses $3,554,946 $2,637,219
Change in Net Position $1,273,550 $2,170,926
Beginning net position $9,634,885 $10,908,435
Current assets $11,882,064 $13,759,113
Right-to-use assets, net of Accumulated depreciation $125,531 $91,296
Total assets $12,007,595 $13,850,409
Total Deferred Outflows of Resources $165,652 $206,119
Current liabilities $383,868 $231,568
Noncurrent liabilities $594,190 $704,404
Total liabilities $978,058 $935,972
Total Deferred Inflows of Resources $286,754 $41,195
Net Position
Net investment in capital assets -$964 -$1,629
Restricted net position $10,909,399 $13,080,990
Total net position $10,908,435 $13,079,361

Our Funded Partners

"Don't go through life, grow through life."

2022-2023 Commissioners

(as of June 30, 2023)

Ignacio Cantu, Jr.
Vito Chiesa
District 2
David Cooper, M. Ed
Community Representative
Daniel Diep, M.D
Christine Huber, M.S.W.
Services Agency
Tony Jordan, M. Ed
Community Representative
Mary Ann Lilly-
Tengowski, M.B.A.

Vice Chair,
Health Services Agency
Papasozomenos, M.D

Public Health Officer
Nelly Paredes-
Walsborn, PH.D


First 5 Staff

Dr. Shammy Karim
Executive Director
Veronica Ascencio
Accountant III
Stephanie Loomis
Staff Services Coordinator

Board of Supervisors

Buck Condit
District 1
Vito Chiesa
District 2
Terry Withrow
District 3
Mani Grewal
District 4
Channce Condit
District 5