Digital Annual Report 2022

With Change Comes Opportunity

Letter from Leadership
Stephanie Loomis Staff Services Coordinator
David Cooper, M. Ed Commission Chair

With Change Comes Opportunity

The past few years have brought significant changes to the world, the community, and First 5 Stanislaus. It seems 2022 will be no different but it is important to recognize while change can often be difficult to weather in the moment, there is also opportunity in change if we embrace it.

During this past year our community partners have continued to challenge themselves in new ways as they strive to offer their very best to those they serve. They implemented new parenting education programs to increase the knowledge, tools, and resources available to families because there is no one perfect program. Our families are diverse, and their needs are too. Our local partners also continued to adjust how they provided services as families continued to be impacted by the pandemic. Many provided a hybrid approach to services with some being offered in-person and others remaining virtual as needed. Our community partners have shown time and again their ability and willingness to adapt, whether that be due to the shifting community needs, limited staffing, or continued pandemic restrictions.

First 5 Stanislaus has seen crucial changes as well in the leadership of the organization with the loss of key staff and Commissioners. In May, First 5 Stanislaus unexpectedly said goodbye to our Executive Director, David Jones, who brought passion, creativity, and commitment to serving the community. His passing left a great absence that will be felt by all who had the privilege to work with him. In addition, the Commission welcomed three new Commissioners in 2022. With this shift in leadership brings opportunity for new perspectives and voices to represent the larger community.

As you review this year’s report, you will see the positive changes our community partners have made despite the continued lingering effects of the pandemic. Stanislaus County has a reputation for coming together to achieve a greater good and we believe this reflected in the work accomplished every day to serve the children and families in the community. In keeping with that sentiment, we are delighted to highlight Franklin Healthy Start and the impact they’ve had with the families they support.

Collective Impact

We are providing opportunity and positive change to families through Stanislaus County.


Children, parents, and providers reached through First 5 Stanislaus and its partners.

“The pages and chapters of a book can range from agony to triumph; from joy to sorrow. Each of our lives is our own book that is personal and intimate. And that book must be deeply rooted in the theme of hope.”

Laura's Story

Laura shares her experience working with the Healthy Start Family Resource Center, and how the tips and tools have helped her and her family along the way.

Herlinda's Story

Herlinda's Story

Herlinda has gained valuable skills, resources and relationships through the Healthy Start Family Resource Center. Hear how it’s helped her grow as a person and a parent.

Lidia's Story

Lidia has been working with the Healthy Start Family Resource Center, gaining skills and making positive connections along the way. Learn a little bit more about Lidia, and what the Healthy Start Family Resource Center has given her.

Lidia's Story

Emergency Statistics

Emergency Supplies from First 5 California were received in Stanislaus County and distributed in partnership between First 5 Stanislaus and the Stanislaus County Office of Education, Child & Family Services Division. Through this partnership, in Fiscal Year 2021-2022 product was distributed to Family Resource Centers and community childcare providers that included:

An icon depicting a medical mask commonly used for COVID-19 prevention



An icon depicting a pump top hand sanitizer bottle



An icon depicting a nitrile glove


Baby Wipes

An icon depicting disinfectant wipes.



An icon depicting disinfectant wipes.


Bottles of Disinfectant

Staff Story

Meet Dina, Program Director

Dina Brambilla is the Program Director for the newly renovated Healthy Start Family Resource Center at Franklin Elementary School in Modesto. In the video, Dina highlights the program, who it will serve, and the immediate impact to the community.

Program Highlights

Woman on zoom meeting
Woman on zoom meeting
Early Care & Education

Two of the three educational conferences for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 co-presented by First 5 Stanislaus and the Stanislaus County Office of Education were offered virtually as a result of the pandemic. Even with the challenges of presenting conferences remotely, the conferences were well-attended with outstanding feedback and more than 283 providers of early education were reached. 98% of providers stated the programs were good to excellent.

training and materials
training and materials
Capacity Building

First 5 Stanislaus invested over $97,000 in training and materials for partner Family Resource Centers and Healthy Starts to support their implementation and continued operation of parenting education programs such as Abriendo Puertas, Nurturing Parenting, and Parent Cafés. These programs give families the skills and knowledge they need to foster the development of their children and strengthen their relationships within the community.

Familt Network Website Screenshot
Familt Network Website Screenshot
Resources for Families

Often families aren’t sure where to go for local resources in the community, fun events to attend together or activities to do with their children. With this in mind, First 5 Stanislaus developed The Family Network, a subsection of their website. The Family Network includes an online resource directory, a community calendar, healthy recipes, articles and videos for parents and caregivers on numerous topics, and more. The Family Network is designed to provide families with a variety of tools and resources in one convenient location accessible anywhere they have the internet.

Short Stories

Kit for New Parents

Even with the pandemic continuing to limit personal engagement, Kits for New Parents continued to be distributed through community organizations and partners. These kits contain great materials, including a DVD with tips about raising a healthy baby, a small book on what to do if you child gets sick, development charts and more. This past year, we supplied 710 kits to our partners to distribute in the local community.
Supporting Pregnant Moms

Being pregnant, a first-time mom or parenting during baby’s first year can be tough, especially during a pandemic when things are even more uncertain. PlanetBaby! was launched in July 2021 at nine sites around the community to bring together pregnant women to help support them through their baby’s first year. The program offers a chance to learn from others, gain a sense of community support and expand parenting knowledge to have a healthy pregnancy and beyond.
Home Visiting Project

The Home Visiting Coordination (HVC) Collaborative aimed to develop a coordinated and sustainable home visiting system while expanding high quality services. Partner agencies identified shared goals and evaluated the scope and effectiveness of their home visiting programs. They assessed public needs through several methods. Using the knowledge from the community, the Collaborative developed a referral tree staff can use to promote the various programs available in the County. With this effort to connect families to programs, the HVC Collaborative will continue to increase coordination and systems improvement to further assist those in need.

Result Areas

Bubble Stick figures depicting an adult and a child holding hands with a yellow heart floating above and between them
Improved Family
Three alphabet blocks stacked on top of one another in a pyramid shape
Improved Child
A buble stick figure depicting a child holding a balloon hand similar to the first 5 stanislaus logo
Improved Systems
of Care

"Don't go through like, grow through life"

Two girls working on a tablet with their teacher
Two girls and teacher

Committed to
Diversity and Equity


of clients served through First 5 Stanislaus are from Hispanic, Asian, African American, Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native or multi-racial population groups.

Key Statistics and Outcomes

Two buble stick figures with a rising graph arrow above their heads

(3,079/3,966) of caregivers and children 0-5 reported expanded social connections after attending community events.


(179/179) of caregivers reported increased advocacy skills after participating in an advocacy training or workshop


(986/1,203) of caregivers reported increased confidence in parenting ability after attending parenting education and support groups


(31/40) of children received an early intervention or support after taking a developmental screening and being identified in need of additional services

books were distributed to children to nurture a desire to read and to support literacy skills at home


(92/223) of children participating in literary services who didn’t have a library card obtained one after receiving services

Our Financials

Total Budget: $4,939,614

Improved Family Functioning (Family Support, Education, and Services) $2,264,255 (46%)
Improved Health (Health Education and Services) $1,000,000 (20%)
Improved Child Development (Child Development Services) $0 (0%)
Improved Systems of Care $12,000 (0%)
Administration $508,557 (10%)
Evaluation $34,646 (1%)
Other Programs (Includes Contingency Fund) $1,120,156 (23%)


2021 2022
Program revenues $5,641,098 $5,318,763
General revenues $20,615 -$490,267
Total revenues $5,661,713 $4,828,496
Total Expenses $3,766,748 $3,554,946
Change in Net Position $1,894,965 $1,273,550
Beginning net position $7,740,151 $9,634,885
Current assets $10,587,363 $11,882,064
Capital assets, net $0 $0
Total assets $10,747,130 $12,007,595
Deferred Pensions $741,448 $165,652
Current liabilities $618,419 $383,868
Noncurrent liabilities $1,193,128 $594,190
Total liabilities $1,811,547 $978,058
Deferred Pensions $42,146 $286,754
Net Position
Net investment in capital assets -$230 -$964
Unrestricted net position $9,635,115 $10,909,399
Total net position $9,634,885 $10,908,435

Partner Organizations

First 5 Team

2021-2022 Commissioners
(as of June 30, 2022)

Vicki Bauman School Representative
Ignacio Cantu, Jr. Community Representative
Vito Chiesa Supervisor, District 2
David Cooper, M. Ed Chair, Community Representative
Daniel Diep, M.D Community Representative
Christine Huber Community Services Agency
Mary Ann Lilly-Tengowski, M.B.A. Vice Chair, Health Services Agency
Nelly Paredes-Walsborn, PH.D Community Representative
Julie Vaishampayan, M.D. Public Health Officer

Board of Supervisors

Buck Condit District 1
Vito Chiesa District 2
Terry Withrow District 3
Mani Grewal District 4
Channce Condit District 5

First 5 Staff

Veronica Ascencio Accountant III
Stephanie Loomis Staff Services Coordinator