Digital Annual Report 2021

Moving Forward

Letter from Leadership
David Jones Executive Director
Ignacio Cantu, Jr. Chair

Moving Forward...Unstoppable

Last year’s letter to you in October 2020 was an acknowledgement of the pain that events had brought on our community and a sense of hope we were seeing rise up. Little did we realize the COVID-19 pandemic would turn even harsher and its impacts more grim. This past year has been a continued testament to the work of our local partners who have persevered through extraordinary challenges to continue the mission of serving our friends and neighbors all over our county.

We also saw the impacts of the pandemic begin to lessen as we approached our fiscal year end. Yet, there is a reality that recovery will take years in our community along with a persistent concern about mutant virus strains.

Even in the darkest of times, the people of our community have been unstoppable in their giving, loving, compassion and commitment. Hope continued to fuel action even when resolve might have wavered. Commitment overcame weakness even when things seemed their grimmest. The people of Stanislaus County and the partners of First 5 Stanislaus were unstoppable. Our community is unstoppable in the face of crisis. And as we move forward in the process of recovery and rebuilding in our community, our pledge is to continue to be unstoppable.

We encourage you to look at this year’s report which shows how our community partners continued to reach out and serve . . . even in a pandemic throttled, virtual-meeting model. We are blessed to have some of the best service organizations working right here in Stanislaus County and we’re pleased to feature the Hughson Family Resource Center in this year’s Report to the Community.

Moving Forward
with Community

We are reaching out to our community to support and encourage families.


Children, parents, and providers reached through First 5 and its partners.

Yaredi's Story

Moving Forward with Connection

John Lewis

"Every generation leaves behind a legacy. What that legacy will be is determined by the people of that generation. What legacy do you want to leave behind?"

Rocio's Story

Moving Forward with Thankfulness.

Emergency Statistics

$310,000 of emergency funding was distributed from First 5 Stanislaus to community organizations during Fiscal Year 2020-2021. Also, major shipments of emergency supplies from First 5 California were received in Stanislaus County and distributed in a partnership between First 5 Stanislaus and the Stanislaus County Office of Education, Child & Family Services Division. Through this partnership, in Fiscal Year 2020-2021 product was distributed to Family Resource Centers and community childcare providers that included:

An icon depicting a medical mask commonly used for COVID-19 prevention



An icon depicting a pump top hand sanitizer bottle


Hand Sanitizer

An icon depicting a nitrile glove



An icon depicting disinfectant wipes.


Alcohol Wipes

Staff unloading boxes from a pickup truck
Staff stacking boxes in and around a store room during a delivery

Staff Story

See how the Hughson Family Resource Center is moving forward with resources

Our Reach

Woman reading to a child on the couch
Woman reading to a child on the couch


Parent education and support was provided to the parents of 996 children.
Young boy laying on his back reading
Young boy reading


The families of 880 children participated in literacy services.
Girl in Pigtails wearing a covid mask and putting her fingers up on her head like bunny ears
Girl in Pigtails


Developmental screenings were received by 667 children.
John Lewis

"If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"

Short Stories

Virtual meeting on a laptop
Man wearing a covid mask and attending a virtual meeting
The Virtual World

As the global pandemic continued through this past year, organizations continued to refine and expand the amount of virtual services they offered to the public. The organizations funded by First 5 Stanislaus created hundreds of videos posted through social media and met virtually with their program participants for counseling, encouragement, coaching and so many other services.
Spanish Language Pilot

In November 2020, First 5 Stanislaus partnered with the Stanislaus County Office of Education to present a pilot project Training for our Spanish speaking community. The training was designed to enhance Spanish-language training access for childcare providers and was a huge success with more than 69 people participating online
Early Care & Education

The two educational conferences for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 co-presented by First 5 Stanislaus and the Stanislaus County Office of Education were presented virtually as a result of the pandemic. Even with the challenges of presenting conferences remotely, these were well-attended with outstanding feedback and more than 284 providers of early education were reached. 99.5% stated the programs were very good to excellent.
Kit for New Parents

Even with the pandemic limited personal engagement, Kits for New Parents continued to be distributed through community organizations and partners. These kits contain great materials including a DVD with tips about raising a healthy baby, a small book on what to do if you child gets sick, development charts and more. This past year, we supplied 759 kits to our partners to distribute in the local community.
Emergency Funding

First 5 Stanislaus invested $310,000 of emergency funding into the local community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic over this past year. Through a partnership with Sunlight Giving, $240,000 of emergency funding was issued to partner Family Resource Centers and First 5 Stanislaus issued an additional $70,000 special funding for technology enhancements.
Home Visiting Project

In January 2021, First 5 Stanislaus executed a contract with the State of California to receive funding to lead an effort on home visiting in our County. The organization has hired a part-time coordinator, created a local collaborative and began the process of moving the goals of the initiative forward including the development of a local action plan.

Result Areas

Bubble Stick figures depicting an adult and a child holding hands with a yellow heart floating above and between them
Improved Family
Three alphabet blocks stacked on top of one another in a pyramid shape
Improved Child
A heart with a circle cut out of it and a plus sign inserted in the space
A buble stick figure depicting a child holding a balloon hand similar to the first 5 stanislaus logo
Improved Systems
of Care
John Lewis

"Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined people to make a difference in our society. Why? Because human beings are the most dynamic link to the divine on this planet."

Two girls working on a tablet with their teacher
Two girls and teacher

Committed to
Diversity and Equity


of clients served through First 5 Stanislaus are from Hispanic, Asian, African American, Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native or multi-racial population groups.

Key Statistics and Outcomes

Two buble stick figures with a rising graph arrow above their heads

of participants (158/161) attending a pregnant and parenting women support group reported making positive changes based on health, nutrition, and safety classes.


of babies (89/100) born to women participating in a healthy birth program were a healthy weight at birth.


of parents (252/283) participating in a Healthy Start program reported an increased confidence in their parenting ability.


of the children 0-5 (31/31) whose caregivers received group counseling had improvement with their presenting issues, according to their clinician.


of the children 0-5 (12/12) whose caregivers received individual counseling had improvement with their presenting issues, according to their clinician.

Our Financials

Total Budget: $6,388,193

Improved Family Functioning (Family Support, Education, and Services) $2,264,255 (46%)
Improved Health (Health Education and Services) $1,000,000 (20%)
Improved Child Development (Child Development Services) $0 (0%)
Improved Systems of Care $12,000 (0%)
Administration $508,557 (10%)
Evaluation $34,646 (1%)
Other Programs (Includes Contingency Fund) $1,120,156 (23%)


2019 2020 2021
Program revenues $4,879,905 $4,991,425 $5,641,098
General revenues $236,121 $522,899 $20,615
Total revenues $5,116,026 $5,514,324 $5,661,713
Total Expenses $5,030,104 $3,860,272 $3,766,748
Change in Net Position $85,922 $1,654,052 $1,894,965
Beginning net position $6,027,292 $6,086,099 $7,740,151
Current assets $7,125,134 $8,880,400 $10,587,363
Capital assets, net $0 $0 $0
Total assets $7,125,134 $8,880,400 $10,587,363
Deferred Pensions $440,922 $558,438 $741,448
Current liabilities $655,339 $791,614 $584,916
Noncurrent liabilities $804,379 $849,611 $1,066,633
Total liabilities $1,459,718 $1,641,225 $1,651,549
Deferred Pensions $20,239 $57,462 $42,146
Net Position
Net investment in capital assets $0 $0 $0
Unrestricted net position $6,086,099 $7,740,151 $9,635,116
Total net position $6,086,099 $7,740,151 $9,635,116

Partner Organizations

First 5 Team

2020-2021 Commissioners
(as of June 30, 2021)

Vicki Bauman School Representative
Ignacio Cantu, Jr. Community Representative
Vito Chiesa Supervisor, District 2
David Cooper, M.Ed. Community Representative
Kathy Harwell, M.P.A. Chair, Community Services Agency
Marry Ann Lilly-Tengowski, M.B.A. Health Services Agency
Nelly Paredes-Walsborn, PH.D. Vice Chair, Community Representative
Tony Lomeli Community Representative
Julie Vaishampayan M.D., M.P.H. Public Health Officer

Board of Supervisors

Buck Condit District 1
Vito Chiesa District 2
Terry Withrow District 3
Mani Grewal District 4
Channce Condit District 5

First 5 Staff

David Jones, M.H.A. Executive Director
Stephanie Loomis Staff Services Coordinator
Veronica Ascencio Accountant III
Kellie Edwards Confidential Assistant IV