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Letter from Leadership

Finding hope . . . even in times of great trouble

This past year has been like none of us has ever seen. The beginning of the 2019-2020 fiscal year was filled with hope and opportunity as First 5 Stanislaus pressed forward in developing new trainings, community support and strategies. Then, almost overnight our cities, counties, states, nation and world were thrust into reacting and responding to a global pandemic that seemed to only spiral deeper into destruction. It seemed like hope was starting to be lost.

We were faced with life and death concerns for our families and our communities. We were faced with devastating economic impacts. We were then confronted head-on with issues of race and equity as the wounds of our nation opened up and revealed deep pain and the need for change. And through all of confusion and sometimes bewilderment, as we explored our humanity, as we tried to help one another and our communities, and as we learned to confront ourselves in difficult ways, we could see hope.

This was a hope that came from the heart of a community that would never give up caring for one another. So, in the midst of sorrow and loss, fear and anxiety, happiness and even glimpses of joy . . . we began to see great hope arise.

Once again, we present an annual Report to the Community that will feature the words of people far more important than who we are. These are the words of the people we serve and admire – and those who inspire us – and who can bring hope even in the toughest times.

David Jones, Executive Director Vicki Bauman, Chair

Hope for Thousands

We are reaching out to our community to support and encourage families.

children, parents and providers reached through First 5 and its partners.

Finding hope through support

“The pages and chapters of a book can range from agony to triumph; from joy to sorrow. Each of our lives is our own book that is personal and intimate. And that book must be deeply rooted in the theme of hope.”

Finding hope through relationships
Finding hope through connection
Emergency Statistics

Emergency Supplies from First 5 California were received in Stanislaus County and distributed in a partnership between First 5 Stanislaus and the Stanislaus County Office of Education, Child & Family Services Division. Through this partnership, in Fiscal Year 2019-2020 product was distributed to Family Resource Centers and community childcare providers that included:


88,480 Diapers

2,212 boxes



Containers of baby wipes






Gallons of disinfectant

Emergency Image
Emergency Image
Emergency Image

First 5 Stanislaus also provided more than 2000 books to support early childhood literacy during the COVID-19 pandemic and $35,000 for Family Resource Centers to use in supporting emergency client needs.

Robert's Story How the Turlock Family Resource Center is finding hope through partnerships.

Our Reach

Parent Education 1,341 Parent education and support was provided to the parents of 1,341 children
Literacy 789 The families of 789 children participated in literacy services
Screenings 718 Developmental screenings were received by 718 children

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Short Stories

Short Story Image

A New Virtual World

The global pandemic caused people around the world to immediately change how they communicate. If someone had never heard of Zoom before the pandemic, they now were probably using Zoom, Skype or some other form of virtual meeting or communications. The organizations funded by First 5 Stanislaus immediately shifted their service model to use many of the available digital platforms to reach their customers.

Short Story Image

Early Care & Education Events

The educational conferences for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 co-presented by First 5 Stanislaus and the Stanislaus County of Education during August and February were unaffected by the pandemic and were well-attended with outstanding feedback. Presentations on science training techniques as well as creative play and critical thinking were presented to 337 providers of early education. More than 99% stated the program were very good to excellent.

Short Story Image

Census Leadership

Staff from First 5 Stanislaus convened more than 15 community organizations to create a strategy for promoting the 2020 census to hard-to-count communities with a focus on 0-5 populations in Stanislaus County. First 5 also facilitated the distribution of more than 30,000 pieces of census information to hard-to-count communities, including books, fliers and other promotional information.

Short Story Image

Community Capacity Building

First 5 Stanislaus continued with a focus on presenting education and training programs that support the needs of organizations providing services to the 0-5 community. Prior to the pandemic putting the program on hold, training on assessments, cultural proficiency, home visiting and case management were provided to more than 100 service providers.

Short Story Image

Early Literacy

More than 2,000 books were distributed to First 5 partner organizations in support of early literacy programs for children 0-5 in the community. As an added blessing this past year, Barnes & Noble featured First 5 Stanislaus in their holiday book drive which provided more than 1000 books used by First 5 partners in their literacy programs.

Short Story Image

Kit for New Parents

The Kit for New Parents from First 5 California is free for new parents and supplied by First 5 Stanislaus. These kits contain great materials including a DVD with tips about raising a healthy baby, a small book on what to do if you child gets sick, development charts and more. This past year, we supplied 4,694 kits to our partners to distribute in the local community.

Result Areas

Improved Family Functioning


Improved Child Development




Improved Systems of Care

Improved Family Functioning

  • Families are receiving support.

    The parents of 7,371 children received family support services through countywide Family Resource Centers or other programs. 1,031 received more intensive services focused on improving child abuse risk factors.

  • Parents are gaining knowledge and improving parenting skills.

    The parents of 1,090 children attended parenting classes to increase parenting skills and knowledge.

  • Caregivers are screened for depression and linked to additional support.

    Of the 1,075 children 0-5 whose caregivers were screened for depression, 117 children 0-5 had a caregiver referred for mental health services as a result.

Improved Child Development

  • Parents are reading with their children.

    93% of families of children 0-5 (736/789) increased the time spent reading with their children at home after receiving literacy services.

  • Children are continuing their skill development.

    633 children 0-5 who received literacy services were given a book to take home and build upon the skills they and their families learned.

  • Children are being screened and identified for developmental delays.

    718 children 0-5 were screened for educational developmental issues.

Improved Health

  • Infants are born robust.

    122 infants were born term after their mothers participated in a healthy birth program. 92% of the mothers (141/153) initiated breastfeeding.

Improved Systems of Care

  • Strengthening families with knowledge.

    Families of 5,347 children have increased knowledge and use of community resources.

  • Leveraging Prop 10 funds.

    Prop 10 funded programs brought in more than $2.2 million from other funding sources during fiscal year ’19-’20, increasing the level of services for children 0-5 and their families. Of that $2.2 million, over $720,000 came from funding sources outside of Stanislaus County.

*Data reported by contractors

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

Maya Angelou

Commited to Diversity and Equity


of clients served through First 5 Stanislaus are from Hispanic, Asian, African American, Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native or multi-racial population groups.

Ethnicity of Clients Served in Prop 10 Programs *

African American4%
Pacific Islander<1%
American Indian or Alaska Native<1%
Other or Unknown7%
* Data reported by Proposition 10 funded programs in Stanislaus County
Key Statistics and Outcomes

home visits were made to 36 at-risk pregnant women.


of participants (1,111/1,218 duplicated) in attending a pregnant and parenting women support group reported making positive changes based on health, nutrition, and safety classes.


of case managed women (7/7) in a healthy birth program reported making positive changes for themselves or children.


of babies (128/153) born to women participating in a healthy birth program were a healthy weight at birth.


of parents (233/235) participating in a Healthy Start program reported an increased confidence in their parenting ability.


of the children 0-5 (53/54) whose caregivers receive group counseling had improvement with their presenting issues, according to their clinician.


of the children 0-5 (56/58) whose caregivers receive individual counseling had improvement with their presenting issues, according to their clinician.

Our Financials

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget: $6,388,193

Improved Family Functioning (Family Support, Education, and Services)$2,264,255(46%)
Improved Health (Health Education and Services)$1,000,000(20%)
Improved Child Development (Child Development Services)$0(0%)
Improved Systems of Care$12,000(0%)
Other Programs (Includes Contingency Fund)$1,120,156(23%)


Program revenues$4,557,237$4,879,905$4,991,425
General revenues$73,890$236,121$522,899
Total revenues$4,631,127$5,116,026$5,514,324
Total Expenses$6,571,340$5,030,104$4,156,258
Deficiency of revenues
Over expenses($1,940,213)$85,922$1,358,066
Beginning net position$7,967,505$6,027,292$6,086,099
Current assets$7,050,810$7,125,134$8,880,400
Capital assets, net$1,214$0$0
Total assets$7,052,024$7,125,134$8,880,400
Total Deferred Outflows of Resources$281,748$440,922$262,452
Current liabilities$477,655$639,764$791,614
Long-term liabilities$817,284$792,839$849,611
Total liabilities$1,294,939$1,432,603$1,641,225
Total Deferred Inflows of Resources$11,541$20,239$57,462
Net Position
Net investment in capital assets$1,214$0$0
Restricted net position$6,026,078$6,113,214$7,444,165
Total net position$6,027,292$6,113,214$7,444,165
2019-2020 Commissioners
Vicki Bauman Chair,
School Representative
Ignacio Cantu, Jr. Vice Chair,
Community Representative
Vito Chiesa Supervisor, District 2
David Cooper, M.Ed. Community Representative
Kathy Harwell, M.P.A. Community Services Agency
Mary Ann Lilly-
Tengowski, M.B.A.
Health Services Agency
Nelly Paredes-
Walsborn, Ph.D.
Community Representative
George Skol Community Representative
Julie Vaishampayan,
M.D., M.P.H.
Public Health Officer
Board of Supervisors
Kristin Olsen District 1
Vito Chiesa District 2
Terry Withrow District 3
Tom Berryhill District 4
Jim DeMartini District 5
First 5 Staff
David Jones, M.H.A. Executive Director
Stephanie Loomis Staff Services Coordinator
Veronica Ascencio Accountant III
Pam Thompson-Ryan Account Clerk III
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