First5 Digital Annual Report 2018. Helping lift our community.

Key Outcomes for 2018

Key Outcome 1

28,852 children, parents and providers reached

Key Outcome 2

1,603 children received developmental screenings

Key Outcome 3

The parents of 2,811 children received parent education and support

Key Outcome 4

Families of 1,386 children particiapted in literacy services

Leadership Message

"Our passion is children and families. It drives everything we do."

Nicole's Story

“I feel like it’s just made me a better parent. It made me feel like there’s hope.”
- Vivian Marquez

Result Areas

Improved Family Functioning
Improved Family Functioning
Improved Child Development
Improved Child Development
Improved Health
Improved Health
Improved Systems of Care
Improved Systems of Care

*Data reported by contractors.

Story Briefs

Lifing up the people who educate our children

Early childhood educators are very important in the lives of our community’s children. They give thousands of kids the fundamentals of learning that can help to shape their lives.

First 5 partnered with the Stanislaus County Office of Education to produce two major trainings for early childhood educators in the 2017-2018 fiscal year. These two high-energy, half-day training sessions saw more than 438 local providers sharpening their skills to help give kids a great start in life.

Responding to the needs of our providers

Starting in January of 2018, First 5 piloted a comprehensive training program for our funded partners. The trainings were in response to an identified partner need for ongoing educational support.

The initial response to the trainings has been extremely positive with each training at capacity. Topics such as home visitation training for front-line service providers, facilitating change for managers and a locally produced webinar on community responses to immigration were high-points of the first six months of the program.


In Their Own Words

Key Statistics and Outcomes

Statistics and Outcomes

Clients Served

Clients Served


2017-2018 Fiscal Year Budget
  Total Budget: $7,207,107  
Improved Family Functioning (Family Support, Education, and Services) $3,042,285 (42%)
Improved Health (Health Education and Services) $2,942,169 (41%)
Improved Child Development (Child Development Services) $30,000 (%3C1%)
Improved Systems of Care $12,000 (%3C1%)
Administration $364,222 (5%)
Evaluation $72,628 (1%)
Other Programs (Includes Contingency Fund) $743,803 (10%)

  2016   2017   2018
Program revenues $5,287,566   $4,833,041   $4,557,237
General revenues   110,184      49,009      73,890
Total revenues 5,397,750   4,882,050   4,631,127
Total Expenses 6,254,144   6,346,303   6,571,340
Deficiency of revenues          
over expenses (856,394)   (1,464,253)   (1,940,213)
Beginning net position 10,288,152   9,431,758   7,967,505
Ending net position $9,431,758   $7,967,505   $6,027,292
  2016   2017   2018
Current assets $10,347,135   $9,014,467   $7,050,810
Capital assets, net 4,620   2,917   1,214
Total assets $10,351,755   $9,017,384   $7,052,024
Total Deferred Outflows of Resources $69,693   $344,028   $281,748
Current liabilities $554,331   $643,400   $477,655
Long-term liabilities 317,151   744,526   817,284
Total liabilities $871,482   $1,387,926   $1,294,939
Total Deferred Inflows of Resources $118,208   $5,981   $11,541
Net Position          
Net investment in capital assets $4,620   $2,917   $1,214
Restricted net position 9,427,138   7,964,588   6,026,078
Total net position $9,431,758   $7,967,505   $6,027,292

Our Funded Partners

Our Funded Partners


2017-2018 Commissioners
Vicki BaumanSchool Representative
Ignacio Cantu, Jr.Community Representative
Vito ChiesaSupervisor, District 2
David Cooper, M.Ed.Community Representative
Kathy Harwell, M.P.A.Chair, Community Services Agency
Mary Ann Lee, M.B.A.Health Services Agency
Nelly Paredes-Walsborn, Ph.D.Vice Chair, Community Representative
George SkolCommunity Representative
Julie Vaishampayan, M.D., M.P.H.Public Health Officer

Board of Supervisors


Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors

  • Kristin Olsen, District 1
  • Vito Chiesa, District 2
  • Terry Withrow, District 3
  • Tom Berryhill, District 4
  • Jim DeMartini, District 5

First 5 Staff

First 5 Hand
  • David Jones, M.H.A.Executive Director
  • Stephanie LoomisStaff Services Coordinator
  • Veronica AscencioAccountant III
  • Denae DavisConfidential Assistant IV
  • Pam Thompson-RyanAccount Clerk III